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Western Canada’s premier distributor of the finest quality Canadian and Imported hardwood floors.

Mission Statement

At Magna Hardwood Floors Int INC, our mission is to continue providing hardwood flooring education and training while offering fair priced, premium quality products that give our clients a virtual edge over their market.

Our Vision

We envision by 2025 our products will reach every retail location across Canada that believes in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Hardwood Flooring

Magna Hardwood Floors has developed not only best hardwood floors on the market,but also the healthiest and most sustainable.choose your magna hardwood floors from among 2,500 possibilities to add style and character to your home.
Hardwood floors are timeless. Their connection to nature creates a warm ambiance that compliments any décor. While many other floor coverings can become out-dated over time, hardwood’s beauty is enhanced with age and usually increases the value of a home. What’s more, hardwood flooring is more durable than most other floor coverings and if maintained properly, it will last the lifetime of the space in which it’s installed. Today’s technology and nearly limitless choices of stains, finishes, styles and designs make hardwood flooring one of the most practical, easy and versatile floor coverings available.

Welcome to Magna Hardwood Floors